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  This year, 2008, marks my second year into proper wheel to wheel road course racing. Of note is that in 2007, my first year racing, i secured second place in the driver's championship with SCCA's NER and NARRC regionals.

The car of choice is an RF99 ex-Richard Morgan owned USF2000 pro car with one of the best Elite motors in the country. She was only raced twice in 2005 and once in 2006, where she took pole for the VIR Pro series race and finished an impressive second. For the past few years the car was serviced by Glen Phillips at GTP Motorsports. Penske 8700 triple adjustable dampers (shocks) with ICP hydraulic perches and upgraded motor mounts are but a few of the mechanical details. Naturally the Pi System 2 data acquisition has all major sensors and i plan to data mine each session to squeeze out that very last tenths of second. For now, that is all the data i choose to provide the competition as we are constantly making changes and upgrades as deemed necessary.

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