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Watkins Glen International (WGI)  Here is the tale of two steps forward and one step back. Yes, have received a few e-mails about how i go on about the less than perfect while not accentuating the positive. Perhaps i am my own worst enemy? i'll let others stroke their ego while there is work to be done to drive faster! So will gloss over the trial and tribulations of how on Friday, test day, i had some fast bits on the car for aero and found myself going slower rather than faster. On the final open track session i had found the solution and so was ready for Saturday's qualification session.

There were a few hot shoe drivers i have never seen elsewhere, and they knew WGI quite well and had their cars ready. Qualified well as had fresh scrubbed tires and considering the field, as the car was still lacking a bit of grip, was content with my times. Not in the 2:08 or less as before, yet ok all in all. Was playing a mean game of praying for a tail wind and so my fourth gear choice was dialed in accordingly.

On Sunday the winds were sweeping as overcast skies threatened rain. My choice of fourth gear was a bit optimistic combined with the all-day overcast finally becoming pure sun during our race meant my tire pressure choice was too high. Could have finished third or, at worst, fourth, yet my chosen gearing and pressure placed me a solid fifth. While one could have hoped to win, considering the hot shoes were doing laps at 1:58 or less it would have been more a hope than a reality.

Had a great time during the race as got a very good start and came ahead of two cars by the time we reached the first turn. Mid-race was battling it out with a few drivers for a few laps, while my lacking of grip and fourth gear choice finally could not be hidden and was passed accordingly. So falling back to fifth was my consolation, and a fair one all things considered. Still, it was a great drive and the car came back home in the same basic condition she entered the track.

The saddest part of the weekend was in seeing my good friend, Rob, have a track incident during qualification that put him out of the race. The good news is that Rob has sold his car for the long-planned upgrade to join Formula 1000. Those of you e-mailing me waiting for videos, the Chasecam works great, but the mount only lasted 10 minutes during open testing. You see, the Formula Continental is not a cushy ride and so things can come loose or break. The folks at Chasecam have been great and sent me a new, beefier mount. Let us hope it provides some good videos for my next event, which will be at the New Hampshire International Speedway (NHIS).


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