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  As many of you know from my previous blogs, Watkins Glen International (WGI) is a great track and was, at one time, a place Americans could enjoy watching Formula 1 races. You truly feel like you are going somewhere plus the track is much smoother than most tracks within the United States. The weekend went quite well, with the weather prediction being a good chance of rain. As such, geared the car for headwind and as luck would have it the sun was out the entire weekend and the wind was relatively calm. Therefore my choice for 4th gear was not appropriate. This cost me perhaps 1.5 seconds in slower lap times. As you can see in the video (click here), the engine is all out as i first get onto the back straight.

The car was very reliable and even with the gearing choice my lap times were my personal best to date. Qualification saw my lap times at a still relatively slow 2:02.436, which placed me second out of a field of 12 drivers. While coming in third in classification for both races, my best lap time during the second race was 2:01.087. If we subtract the 1.5 seconds due to gear choice, that would place me within the ballpark of where the car's best capabilities would then be nibbled upon to lower lap times. There is still work to do on my end to achieve the very best lap times, yet steady progress was made during this event and am sorting out the best line to achieve maximum speed while also attacking the brake points. Please note that i have made various changes to the line and brake points that are seen within the video. At this point i feel it best to stop posting videos plus i never post my best F2000 laps anyway so as not to tip off the competition. Enjoy the Track sponsors will be able to see videos from each event on secure pages. If you would like to continue seeing video from each event, now would be the perfect time to become a sponsor.

PDF of qualification and race results.


Appreciation And Thanks

Thanks goes out to my race engineer Glenn Philips at GTP Motorsports as were able to quickly diagnose and solve the transmission problem from the previous event. Naturally everyone at SCCA deserve a special thanks, especially the workers and organizers for putting on wonderful event. My appreciation also extends to the Enjoy the Track's sponsors for showing their support so early in my racing career. If you are reading this, please visit the Sponsors page and learn about each company's excellent products and services! They truly offer outstanding items you really should consider before making your next home audio purchase. As always, in the end what really matters is that we all...

Enjoy the Track,

Steven R. Rochlin



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