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  This was indeed a great weekend with much diversity as the track's tarmac was a handful during Saturday's qualification and first race on a very hot summer day. The end result was a all out victory for both races, with Saturday's being a win from flag to flag! With the car understeering quite a bit, I managed to stay the course and come out on top. Saturday I qualified in pole position and grew enough of a lead during the race that I slowed down for the last few laps to ensure a clear flag to flag victory. After all, to finish first, first you must finish. Saturday marked my very first flag to flag victory, and it does not get any better than that!

On Sunday morning i made some changes to the car's front aero package and in the process over corrected for the upcoming race. With too much front downforce came a steering wheel that felt like wrestling 75 lbs plus a brake balance and sway bar adjustment during the event to at least keep the car under me. She was a handful! During the race only one car in a different classification, with a very experienced driver at the wheel, was able to pass me. As he was in a different classification, this did not affect my points earned as won the race with time to spare while dealing with the car's handing issues. My laps times suffered accordingly, yet kept the car going on the track and was running times fast enough to stay ahead of all cars but one and secure the class win. See timing sheets of this event by clicking here.

As it stands, even with the various mechanical failures while leading races during this year, I now stand at first place for driver's championship within SCCA's North Atlantic Road Racing Championship (NARRC). Am second place in the driver's championship within SCCA's New England Region (NER) with a mathematical possibility of coming out in first depending on the outcome of the September 1 & 2 races.


Appreciation And Thanks

Thanks go out to my sponsors for hanging in there with me as we worked out the car's various mechanical failures during the year. Thanks go out to everyone at SCCA, especially the workers and organizers for putting on wonderful event! If you are reading this, please visit the Sponsors page and learn about each company's excellent products and services! They truly offer outstanding items you really should consider before making your next home audio purchase. As always, in the end what really matters is that we all...

Enjoy the Track,

Steven R. Rochlin



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