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NHIS SCCA Race Track Event Blog, September 7, 8 & 9, 2007 Van Diemen Formula Continental F2000 Racecar

  This was a great weekend with a few of the Pro 2000 guys joining he race, as their season is now complete and they desired more track time. Also of note is that the video system is finally working! Saturday was a great race, perhaps one of the most enjoyable and challenging of the season. Sunday there were heavy showers, as you will see in the video, and so i was able to really get a handle on making changes to the car and tire grip in these very adverse conditions. Glen of GTP fame was there and provided me some great setup pointers. Driving pointers came from the Thomas Fatur, who looked at my data and gave me some great tips to lower my lap times. Another Pro2K guy, Peter Gonzalez, was there and he, too, was doing some impressive driving! Thomas did the best times of the day, won the race, and color this newbie happy to finish midpack in this very experienced field of drivers. Of course i'd rather have finished first...

Sunday's rain race was the most amount of water i have ever driven with the Formula Continental and Glen plus Peter provided excellent setup tips. The car felt very good in these conditions and learned quite a bit about how to handle things plus a few new race lines to take in the rain.

End result was that by placing well in various races i secured the 2007 second place standing for driver's championship in the New England Region (NER) of SCCA for my rookie year. 

Videos of both Saturday and Sunday's race can be seen by clicking here


Appreciation And Thanks

Glen, Thomas and Peter deserves a huge thanks for their assistance, advice, and all around enthusiasm. The heavy rain meant their experience and pointer allowed me to have a good known setup before placing a wheel on the track. As always, in the end what really matters is that we all...

Enjoy the Track,

Steven R. Rochlin



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