Enjoy the Track Announces Formula 2000 SCCA 2008 Sponsors

(May 14, 2008) Race team Enjoy the Track has entered the SCCA 2008 season with a professionally prepared 1999 Formula 2000 (Formula Continental) in hopes of earning the regional championship. Driver Steven R. Rochlin, who earned second place in SCCA's NER/NARRC region for 2007, is once again at the wheel looking to command the leading position for the SCCA 2008 season. A minimum of attending ten races are planned, with other events possibly on the horizon for this up and coming driver with the Enjoy the Track team.

Title sponsor Enjoy the Music.com, one of the leading Internet magazines for high-end audio, is augmented by other leaders within the audiophile equipment, publication, and consumer show sectors. Each sponsor will be showcased with their company's logo on he Formula 2000 car while other teams and race attendees can learn more about each company by asking one of the Enjoy the Track representatives.

"It is great to know Enjoy the Track is supported by many excellent companies who understand the need for precision work to achieve the goal of maximum performance" says team driver Steven R. Rochlin. "It makes perfect sense that meticulousness construction and parts needed to stand at the top ranks of racing are the same type of skills needed and conducted by our sponsors to extract the most from a home audio system. Just as more people need to become aware of road racing in America, the public needs to realize that there are many audio companies, consumer magazines and shows dedicated to the audiophile industry. The path to superior music replay and driving share much in common and look forward to bringing more awareness of the audiophile industry to race teams and enthusiasts at each event."


Enjoy the Track's Formula 2000 SCCA 2008 season title sponsor is Enjoy the Music.com, with supporting sponsorship by audiophile print publication The Absolute Sound and consumer high-end audio show the Rocky Mountain Audiofest. On the consumer electronics side, Enjoy the Track has backing from such leading audiophile companies including AMR, Audio Art Cable, Channel Islands Audio, Combak Corporation, Harmonix, TEAC's ESOTERIC division, Naim Audio, Teresonic, and Wavelength Audio. To learn more about each supporting member of the Enjoy the Track team, please see the below link.



About Enjoy the Track

Enjoy the Track is a company dedicated to motorsports events, with their signature race team featuring driver Steven R. Rochlin. The currently employed Formula 2000 open wheel racecar was originally owned by Richard Morgan Racing (RMR), a team that was a front-runner in the championship for numerous years with at least one win and finished in the top-10 every season from 1997 through 2001. Enjoy the Track's 1999 model was one of those cars and now resides as the top track weapon being campaigned during the 2008 SCCA season.

Driver Steven R. Rochlin graduated the Skip Barber Racing School in mid-2005 and promptly began tracking a modified Ferrari. After a few years of tracking the Ferrari, with various upgrades and performance enhancements along the way, Steven felt it was time to begin proper racing. In 2007 Steven joined SCCA and campaigned the Formula 2000 in the NER/NARRC region, where he earned second place in the driver's championship during this rookie year. F2000 Championship Series' winning team GTP Motorsports' Glenn Philips, as engineer and driving coach, will aid Steven in 2008. Steven is assured to be a strong contender as he once again joins SCCA's NER/NARRC region with plans to race a full schedule of events in hopes of securing the driver's championship.


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